4 Muslim Country Militaries Named Among Top Most Powerful Militaries

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Global Firepower website based in the United States has published the rankings of top 15 powerful militaries in the world and this list has four Muslim country militaries as well.

Global Firepower published a report based on the following criteria;

  • Different type of weapons as well as the availability of weapons.
  • Geographical Locations.
  • Supply Logistics.
  • Local industry and resources allocation.
  • Nuclear Powers.
  • The population of the country.

So, here are how the top 4 Muslim country militaries listed among the top militaries in the world rank;

Turkey Ranked No. 8

Total navy resources: 194

Battle Tanks: 2.445

Fighter Jets: 207

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Total Aircraft Resources: 1.018

Total Army Men: 743,415

Power Index Ranking: 0.2491

Total population: 80,274,604

Egypt Ranked No. 10

Total navy resources: 319 (two aircraft carriers)

Battle Tanks: 4,110

Fighter Jets: 337

Total Aircraft Resources: 1,132

Total Army Men: 1,329,250

Power Index Ranking: 0.2676

Total population: 94,666,993

Pakistan Ranked No. 13

Total navy resources: 197

Battle Tanks: 2,924

Fighter Jets: 301

Total Aircraft Resources: 951

Total Army Men: 919,000

Power Index Ranking: 0.3287

Total population: 201,995,540

Indonesia Ranked No. 14

Total navy resources: 221

Battle Tanks: 418

Fighter Jets: 39

Total Aircraft Resources: 441

Total Army Men: 975,750

Power Index Ranking: 0.3347

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Total population: 258,316,051

Is your country listed on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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