This Is What Muhammad (PBUH) Used To Do When He Gets Depressed

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Depression is REAL! Even our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was depressed but then Allah guided him via a revelation which changed his life.

Depression is spreading like an epidemic these days, as from a kid to a teen to an adult or a senior everyone is depressed and stressed about something in the life time and they can not seem to find out a solution and then they start feeling hopeless.

Although Islam has stated the matter of depression at various places. Depression mostly leads to suicide if one does not get the help on time, although Suicide is clearly Prohibited (HARAM) in Islam and also considered as one of the worst sins as the person who commits suicide will never granted Jannah even if he commits suicide at a sacred place.

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We at The Islamic Information take depression and stress very seriously and written few articles to help our readers out, which are following;

Depression, stress and hardships are a part of life, and one should be strong enough to coup up with that and if you think that you might not be able to deal with this then best is to tell someone who is closer to you, and open up about your depression with them so they can help accordingly.

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Muhammad (PBUH) face intense hardship throughout his lifetime, but at one point he got severely depressed when Allah stopped sending revelations on him for about 6 months, then what happened next, watch video to find out.

When Muhammad (PBUH) was Depressed

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