Mohammad Ismail, 13, Dies from Coronavirus, Funeral Held Without Family

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13 years old Mohammad Ismail dies of Coronavirus in the UK, the funeral ceremony will be held without his family members.

It is indeed a sad sight where you have to say goodbye to the little kid just like that.

It was rumored that Covid-19 is only killing people that are above 50 years of age, but after the death of Mohammad Ismail the myth has been broken, as the deadly pandemic starts taking the lives of young kids.

As per report from Al Jazeera (English) A Doha based media partner has published that in the United Kingdom, 13 years old boy had lost his life, without his family, alone in the bed. He is also the younges victim of coronavirus who died in the United Kingdom.

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The report further stated that Mohammad Ismail had no past history of health illnesses.

Ismail was the resident of London, United Kingdom. He was diagnosed with novel coronavirus a few weeks back.

Muslims all around the world are praying for the boy, as well as also praying for his family to get patience (Sabr). He is one of the youngest COVID-19 victims.

At the time of passing, Al Jazeera confirmed that there were no family members near Ismail because the virus is highly contagious. Even no one was allowed to see the face of the boy after his passing, for the last time.

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The boy had difficulty in breathing and was admitted in UK’s King’s College Hospital in London, after passing few days, he was then put on ventilator which unfortunately he couldn’t survive.

Previously a doctor also lost his life while treating coronavirus patients. If you’re confused about it, take the Coronavirus online test to find out. The religious bodies have also told the detailed version of how to pray Janazah of a person who died from Coronavirus.

Please write your prayers for Ismail in the comment section below.

Source: Al Jazeera/BBC/CNN/Sky News

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Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. Very very sad when a young child goes out specially like this. My heart goes out to his parents. May Allah (SWT) give his parents lots of sabar and himmat to deal with the loss of their child. A boy going out with this disease is certainly a Shaheed. Sabar, Sabar, and Sabar for the family – YaAllah. Ameen

Abdul-Mun'im sombat Jitmoud

A GREAT REMINDER: “O man! Be like the Coronavirus-19. This disease has been sent to teach you fairness and justice to all. There is no bias, no prejudice, no discrimination against any group of people (i.e. age, race, gender, religious belief, social status, political party, nationality, rich or poor, etc). You were created equal from a single pair of male and female. Then, He made you different nations and tribes in order for you to know one another, live and work together in peace and harmony (not to despise each other.) Know that the best of you in the Sight… Read more »

mustopa ahmad


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