Missing Salah ? Watch This How Much Damage It Has Done To You!

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Missing salah is one of those things which is highly discouraged by Allah SWT because Salah is a way of thanking Allah for everything he gave to you.

You and I know that 5 times a day we are called in a certain direction and the caller reminds us because it is that Prescription from ALLAH for the caller to call out five times a day even thou we know our duty towards ALLAH, There is no place in the earth whereby your duty is known what is required of you is known.

Watch This Video if You Are Missing Salah:

Each and every time you have to do it you are reminded of a loud way, It is reminded us five times a day and again it is reminded again in Iquamah wasn’t it enough for ALLAH to put in Quran wasn’t it enough to Prophet (SAW) to just inform us that ALLAH has prescribed upon you 5 salah as is in the Hadith for example of Muadh ibn Jamal when he was sent to Yamen, in the long Hadith at the end or somewhere in the middle the Prophet (SAW) says to let them know that ALLAH has prescribed upon them 5 prayers every day and night there is 5 that cycles, but ALLAH says no we want you to call out for this prayer every single time in the Arabic language one of the reasons for there to be evidence against you on the Day of Judgement, did you hear the call? yes, I did but if you did why didn’t you read the Salah? why didn’t you fulfill that prayer? we told you not only did we say come to prayer but we told you what you would achieve through it. And it also cures back pain!

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Many of us do not fulfill our 5 Salah and we expect success, we want happiness, we want goodness we want contentment we want everything but do you think it is fair, Majority of us Muslims didn’t read the Quran every day not only that Majority of us even missing Salah 5 times a day.

May ALLAH not make us from among those who are oblivious to this great gift of his, It is an honor something we should be proud of, we’ve been invited by ALLAH to put our heads on the ground for him who made us for he who has absolute control of every an aspect of our living and he who we shall return to, put your head on the ground take your time, you say oh you who created me you are the highest you are glorifying praising ALLAH and saying you are the highest, amazing it is an honor take your time in Sujood, look you want to be close to the owner of the solutions of your problem you need to start fulfilling 5 daily prayers and stop missing salah.

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