Mesut Ozil Removed From PES 2020 For Supporting Chinese Muslims

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Mesut Ozil is a footballer currently playing for Arsenal as a midfielder, his name has been removed from the PES 2020 video game (Chinese Version) for standing up against china for their treatment of Uighur Muslims.

Mesut Ozil in one of his tweets mentioned Uighur Muslims are “warriors who are fighting persecution” and also criticized China as well as the silence of Muslim countries in the response.

After this Ozil also faced huge amount of criticism from Chinese Arsenal fans and China.

PES 2020 is a famous football game published by NetEase after EA’s Fifa. It is played by millions of gamers all around the world. Because of these games, many sports lovers get to know about one’s character as well as discover new athletics who are performing well.

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Publisher, NetEase’s franchise in China recently told famous British NewsChannel BBC, that the Footballer, Mesut Ozil, has been removed from three different games in China as well. Not just this, Chinese TV channels also stopped Arsenal’s match against Manchester City last Sunday due to this.

The Chinese statement added;

Tweet by Ozil hurt the feelings of Chinese football fans and violated the sports spirit of spreading peace and love. We will never forgive this.

Arsenal Football Club distanced themselves for the things Ozil said in the tweet. Adding the fact that Ozil has his own opinion, and is entitled to having one, but Arsenal football club is never in any way engaged in politics.

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Despite news of Uighur prosecution by CNN and BBC, China has denied all the things about Uighur Muslims, claiming that these Muslims are only getting basic education in reeducation centers to end extremism.

Geng Shuang, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson also said that Ozil is misguided and doesn’t know the fact.

What do you think about this news? Don’t you think it is discrimination or whatever happened was right? let us know in the comments section below.

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Shamiel Dramat

I am a Muslim and Stand With Mesut Ozil. I stand with every human being that stands against what is happening to our brethren in China. Our muslims brothers and sisters are being persecuted! And for what? For being Muslim. Women, Childern, Our Elderly and Men, They are being persecuted. The Masaajiets are being bulldozed to the ground. The world ,The world is doing nothing to stop them from being PERSECUTED! WHAT ARE OUR MUSLIM COUNTRIES DOING ABOUT THIS? I AM PRAYING, I BESEACHING ALLAH THE ALMIGHTY TO PROTECT MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS WHO ARE BEING PERSECUTED AND NOT ONLY… Read more »


I respect people who stand up for other peoples freedom

Truth Seeker

It’s a total discriminatory treatment by the Chinese government. A government talking about hypocritical talking about extremism and terrorism by extension yet uses intimidating sanctions against a right and even a simple dissenting view by a player of global repute. When they perpetrate terrorism, they have a different name for it and in this case “reeducation” in the words of terrorist Chinese government and a section of its stupid citizens. They must certainly bow down their heads in shame and know that such hate treatments, discrimination and persecution of innocent minority groups are what finally (unavoidably) elicit violent reactions by… Read more »


Almost like humans dying is collateral damage!

Kopau tore

Never going to play PSE

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