These 5 Verses From Quran That Will Change Your Life

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5 Verses From Quran: In this current era, many of us are dealing with depression and anxiety problems. Besides, millions of people are surviving in the utmost despair.

Indeed, there are some accurate reasons for these issues. Moreover, even there are different issues that a person wants to change but unable to do so.

The materialistic life is a way which is leading the whole world and got many of us on this brink of gloom. The fact that science reached the zenith, yet it is unable to deal completely with the psychological ailments. Also, many other problems exist in life, such as low confidence, dealing with negative thoughts, financial issues, and other.

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For all of these problems, the Holy Book of Allah maintains a solution. Yet we do not read it, and when we do, we do not read it with translation or contemplate those verses. Due to which it is important to know the basic teachings of the Qur’an and we should ponder upon those verses and connect them with the previous, present, and future time.

5 Life Changing Verses From Quran

A lot of verses in the Qur’an can change your life. The following are a few of those verses;

1. Every believer will be tested

Quran 29 2 surah ankabut

2. There is no upper power than Allah. He, alone, is sufficient for the us. Only rely on Him (SWT)

Quran 65 3 Surah Talaq

3. Kindness

Quran 2 263 Surah Baqarah

4. Keep your faith in Allah (SWT)

Quran 2 186 Surah Baqrah

5. Backbiting is a curse, stay away!

Quran 49 12 Surah Hujrat

To state in short, Islam is a religion of peace and it isn’t only a religion but, it is a deen, which is a complete way of living. Problems arise the moment when we neither read nor contemplate the Holy Qur’an. We can easily solve our miseries if we abide by the sayings of Allah (SWT).

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Jazak Allah Dear Brethren at Islamic Information.

A very thought provoking article in this Time of Pandemic and Suffering of The People of the World.

May Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala Bless you with all the resources to continue in your Noble Mission of Spreading Deen ul Ilm.- Knowledge of The Deen. Aameen

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