These 14 Common Sunnahs About Wife We Have Completely Forgotten

These 14 Common wife Sunnahs Our Society Has Completely Forgotten

Being a Wife is a tough job, you have to take control of the household and look after the kids. But on the other hand, Islam tells us something which we have completely forgotten.

Here are the 14 common sunnah which we have forgotten and never bother to shed a light on it. We at The Islamic Information combined all of it and shared below.

1. It is a Sunnah to Marry an Older woman

Indeed it is, as Muhammad PBUH married Khadija (RA), she was 40 years old and Muhammad PBUH was 25 years old.

2. It is a Sunnah to Marry a divorcee

Muhammad PBUH used to marry the divorcee, Zaynab bint Jahsh (RA) who was a divorcee, married Muhammad PBUH.

3. It is a Sunnah to Marry a widow

Adding more to this, Muhammad PBUH also married widows, Ramla bint Abi Sufyan (RA) was a widow.

4. It is a Sunnah to help your Wife/Mother/Sister in cleaning, washing, and cooking

Muhammad PBUH was very helpful when it comes to wife matters, he would clean, make his own shoes and do house chores.

5. It is a sunnah to feed your wife with your hands to express your love towards her. (This is labeled as a form of Charity)

It is indeed a form of charity!

6. It is a sunnah to appreciate wife, express love and respect her and the same goes for your Mothers and Sisters

Muhammad PBUH was very concerned when it comes to wives, he always insisted the Muslim ummah to be gentle, kind and loving towards the women in the house.

7. It is sunnah to forgive others’ mistakes

Muhammad PBUH forgave these 5 people when it was impossible to forgive them.

8. It is sunnah to stay positive towards your wife and be pleasant towards her

It is very important to smile while looking at your wife.

9. Be there for your wife, and console her if she needs you

Respecting does not mean it can only be verbal, that you once said and did not care about it. It means you genuinely be there for your spouse and console her if she is sad.

10. It is a sunnah to be playful with your wife. Have a quality time with her

Muhammad PBUH used to race with Ayesha (RA), so what is it that’s stopping you? Having some fun time is a sunnah too.

11. It is sunnah to lie down in the lap of your wife

Muhammad PBUH used to like to lie down in the lap of Ayesha (RA).

12. It is a sunnah to call your wife with beautiful names to express love

It is an expression of love.

13. lt is sunnah not to discuss Wife’s private matters with her family or close friends

Sadly, some people like gossip and they bring anything to keep the conversation going. Refrain from discussing spouse matters openly.

14. lt is sunnah to love and respect your wife’s parents

Muhammad PBUH taught us to respect everyone.

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