Indian Man Arrested on Kaaba-Temple Photo, Sentenced 2,100 lashes and 7 Years Prison

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The Muslim people are well aware of the high value and respect which the Holy Haram, normally called as Holy Kaaba possess in our hearts. It is the main religious center for Muslims; it is the house of Allah and towards its direction, prayers are performed.

Trying to defame this House of God i.e. the Holy sanctity, won’t be a sane step, but not every person thinks that way and thus one had to make such move which surely bought them into a lot of trouble.

Recently, an Indian national has been arrested in Saudi Arabia on an attempt to update the degrading Kaaba Temple Photo of the Holy site. He is announced with a sentence of 7 years jail, SR 30,000 fine and 2,100 lashes for the act of blasphemy. The images contain a Hindu Temple replacing the Holy Kaaba.

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He posted these disrespectful images over his Facebook account. The suspected person stated that he isn’t the one to upload the pictures but, they were uploaded by some other person for which he just reacted “like” on his post which resulted in it to appear on his wall being observed by his friend-list.

Every Muslim got hurt on this move from the man. Being human, we have to reserve our faith and belief to ourselves and should not push our beliefs against the belief of others. And a normal courtesy is to respect and not to insult the religious profiles and locations.

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A seven-year based jail period and 2,100 lashed as the penalty is decided by The Criminal Court of Jeddah, which is now applied to the Indian man who convicted the blasphemy act.

Recently a BJP Minister had also threatened to Attack the Kaaba and turn it into the temple.

This unique step concerning leniency by Jeddah’s Criminal Court appeared when a prisoner belonging to India converted into a Muslim within the period he spent in the Jail.

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