Indian Hindu Rickshaw Driver Giving Free Rides To Fasting Muslims

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Rickshaw Driver, Prahalad, who is a Hindu man driving his rickshaw in the heart of India, New Dehli is providing free rides for fasting muslims in Ramadan.

as he talked to us, he said “I know these days are of heatwave and it must be very tough for Muslims to fast in this horrible weather so i decided to help these people and earn some of the blessings. I earn my living by driving rickshaw, so this is all i can do to help Muslims in this harsh weather. This is my contribution towards humanity.”, He said.

He further said, this gesture of mine giving free rickshaw rides to fasting muslims will bring these communities together who has been divided due to hatered.

Prahalad has been giving free rickshaw rides to all the muslims since the beginning of Ramadan. As per him, he has served many Muslims during this period.

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He said, “Once i refused to take money, Muslims always say that they will pray for me and literally it brings peace to my heart.”

Prahalad is also spotted around the Green Park Metro Station area in New Delhi, India.

Since Prime minister Modi has sorn in, there is also a wave of hatered between hindus and muslims in india. There is always a news that says Hindus and Muslims unrest in India.

Do share his beautiful gesture with all of your friends and family.

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