Indian Course Book Portrays “Mosque” As A Sign Of Noise Pollution!

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A picture in class VI course reading being instructed at Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) schools in India has delineated the Muslim love put “Mosque” as a reason for Noise Pollution.

Distributed by Selina Publishers India, the 6th-grade science course reading has a section on the reasons forNoise Pollution.

The picture has started shock via web-based networking media, provoking a conciliatory sentiment from the distributor.

The Selina Publisher has apologized and guaranteed to change the photo in the up and coming versions of the book.

“This is to educate all worried that Selina Publishers will be changing the photo in resulting releases of the book,” said the distributor and included that “We do apologize on the off-chance that it has harmed the plants of anybody.”

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We already know that some of the Bollywood singers said they hate the sound of Azaan, while an actress claimes that it is the most beautiful sound. In all of this confusions, we are surrounded by such controversies.

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