13 Most Holy Places In Makkah That Every Muslim Must Know

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There are many holy places in Makkah you have visited but these are 13 sacred and holy places that you must know about and should visit.

These are those 13 holy places in Makkah that everyone should see and must know about.

1. Daarul Arqam

The foot of Mount Safa is a suppository of the area where the house of Daarul Aqram is located. This is where the Holy Prophet (PBUH) started preaching Islam secretly during these initial days.

Daarul Arqam

2. Darun Nadwah

This photo is from the North western side of the Holy Kaaba. Darun Nadwah is also known as the assembly house.

Darun Nadwah is also known as the assembly house. functioned as the Parliament house for the Quraish tribe. It is the same place where the enemies of Islam tried to assassinate the Holy Prophet PBUH.

3. House of Abbas (RA)

This highlighted area is from the outside of the place Saee, where you will find the House of Abbas (RA). Abbas (RA) was the Prophet (PBUH)’s paternal uncle and protected Muhammad (SAWW) during his time in Makkah.

House of Abbas

4. House of Abu Bakr (RA)

This location under the red circle is the house of Abu Bakr (RA), The accurate location is the 4th floor of Makkah Towers Hotel Block, where you can see Masjid Abu Bakr has been built.

House of Abu Bakr

5. House of Abu Jahal

The red spot is the location where the House of Abu Jahal was located. Abu Jahal was the relative of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and also the worst enemy of Prophet PBUH. Prophet (PBUH) described Abu Jahal as the Pharoah of the Ummah.

House of Abu Jahal

6. House of Khadija (RA)

Khadija (RA)’s house is located outside the Marwa exit, it is where the house is located. This is also the place where Prophet PBUH lived during his marriage with Khadijah RA until he migrated to Madinah.

House of Khadija (RA)

7. House of Umme Hani (RA)

This is showing the side of Bab e Abdul Aziz gate in Makkah, this place is believed to be the location where the house of Umme Hani (RA) was built. Umme Hani (RA) was the daughter of Abu Talib (RA) and cousin of Prophet PBUH.

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It was the place where Prophet PBUH was called by Angel Jibraeel for the Al Isra (The night journey).

umme hani house

8. Jamarat

Jamarat are the 3 stone pillars, throwing rocks at it are a compulsory ritual of Hajj, which had been done by Prophet Ibrahim (AS). These pillars are the locations where satan stopped Prophet Ibrahim (AS) from sacrificing his son Ismail (AS). To stop satan, Ibrahim (AS) pelted stones at satan. Three pillars are following

  1. Jamarat al Wusta
  2. Jamarat al Aqaba
  3. Jamarat al Ula

9. Jannat Ul Mala

This picture shows Jannat Ul Mala, it is located in the valley to the east of Al haram mosque. Family members of Prophet (PBUH) and Sahabah are also buried here.

10. Masjid Ayesha

This mosque is also known as Tan’eem and this is the place where Ummul Momineem entered Ihram for Umrah.

Masjid Ayesha

11. Masjid Al Jinn

Masjid Al-Jinn also known as Masjid Haras and it is built at the same location where Holy Prophet (PBUH) drew a line for Abdullah Bin Masood (RA). He supported him when he had accepted the command of the recitation of the Quran to the Jinn.

Masjid Al Jinn

12. Masjid Shajarah

Masjid Shajarah also is known as Masjid of the Tree, and it is located opposite the Masjid al-Jinn. It is the same location where Prophet PBUH called upon a tree and it came to him.

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To be noted that this mosque is very different and should not be mixed with the mosque with the same name in Dhul Hulayfah.

Masjid al-Shajarah

13. Mount Abu Qubays

It is located adjacent to the mount safa. It is believed that this was the mount from where Prophet (PBUH) pointed towards the moon and split into two.


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