5 Easy Things To Do If Fish Bone Stuck In Throat

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Winter season continues, and you will also be doing your best to enjoy the winter season. The special dishes of this season include fish which is mouth watering. But think that you are enjoying fish and suddenly fish bone stuck in throat.

If you have experienced this, then you will know how painful it is, if not, know that it can not be worse than anything else.

However, be aware of its precautions so that if there is any situation in the future, then get rid of it immediately.

1. Cough as loud as you can

Coughing creates a pressure from your stomach to your mouth, throwing away the stuck fish bone in your throat. This is the immediate action one must perform if you suspect fish bone gets stuck in your throat. If this doesn’t solve your problem, move to next step.

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2. Use olive oil

If coughing doesn’t help then use of Olive oil is also a good home remedy to take out fish bone out of your throat. If you put a little amount of olive oil in your mouth or your child’s mouth it will help fish bone slip inside your stomach which isn’t dangerous thing.

3. Use plain bread

Soak bread in a milk or hot water and then swallow in a shape of small ball. When this happens, swallowing this ball will help you swallow fish bone with it.

4. Use vinegar

Mixing vinegar syrup drops in water proves a lot of help to save from the pain caused by the bone of fish. Throat has various nerves which are very delicate and thin, and bone stuck in it can cause a lot of pain, so Vinegar is best for it to cure.

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5. Swallow a Marshmallow

The large number of people tested this trick and it was a success, take a large size marshmallow and and eat and swallow it and eat another one with a gap.

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