7 Heart touching Duas to Celebrate the End of Ramadan 2020

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Allah blessed us the opportunity to witness another Ramadan, Alhamdulillah! As the holy month of Ramadan 2020 is slowly drawing to an end, let us take extra care to ensure that we reap maximum rewards during these final days;

as our Prophet (PBUH) stated:

good deeds bukhari hadith

As Allah says in the Quran says in 40:60, Call me and I will respond you back. Dua literally means invocation or supplication. It is the most powerful tool that our Lord has bestowed upon all believing men and women.

Dua does not have to be a string of complex Arabic terminology, It can simply be a sincere conversation with Allah. Allah never fails to respond to sincere calls, so speak to Him, ask Him, and he will definitely assist you, Insha Allah.

The last few days of Ramadan 2020 are packed with a sea of mercy and blessings, so use the following duas to secure the most of this month.

1. Dua for the acceptance of our efforts during Ramadan kareem

O Allah, I have tried my best during this blessed month, so accept all my prayers, my fasts, and all other efforts; reward me for them and let them be the light to my soul that carries me through the gates of paradise.

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2. Dua seeking Allah’s forgiveness in Ramadan 2020

O Allah, you are the Most Forgiving and the Most Merciful, forgive all my sins—those that are big and small and those that I may have committed intentionally or unintentionally, and guide me so that I may never repeat them again.

3. Dua for purification of heart and increase in Iman (faith)

O Allah, purify my heart, fill it with love for you, and allow me to be among your most sincere worshippers. O Allah, increase my Iman (faith) and help me continue these sincere acts of Ibadah (worship) throughout my life.

4. Dua against grief, debt, & laziness

O Allah, I seek refuge in you from grief and sadness, from weakness and laziness, from misery and cowardice, and being overcome by debt and overpowered by others. It is the best dua in Ramadan Kareem.

5. Dua for the following Ramadan

O Allah, grant me, my family, and friends with good health and bless us with the opportunity to witness another Ramadan. Make these duas during prayer times.

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6. Dua for the Umma

O Allah, shower your strength and mercy to those who are being oppressed; ease their suffering and grant them victory over their oppressors. Bless and unite the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and show the world the true beauty of Islam. Make this dua in prayer times during Ramadan Kareem daily.

7. Dua for Eid

O Allah, unite our families and friends, shower us with your blessings, and help us celebrate a peaceful and joyous Eid together after Ramadan 2019.

Do not forget to read the Quran in Ramadan 2019 because most of the best duas are present in the Quran. As a Muslim, you should try to make as many duas as possible in this holy month of Islam. Make sure that your face is on the side of Qibla while you are making dua.

Ummah is an app to help you do exactly that. It’s 100% free!  Check it out and start using it during Ramadan and afterward, right now!

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