Dad Was Told His Son Died In Air Strike Then Finds Him Alive

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Dad was told that his son was feard dead in an air strike, but he finds him alive, and his reaction made whole nation cry.

This video broke the heart into pieces when he realized that he found his son alive.

Parents are a blessing from Allah SWT which we take for granted. In one of the previous blogs, Dua for Parents we discussed the importance of Parents’ in one’s life. And this video is a clear example of how much our parents love us.

Syria is weeping the tears of Blood, yet world is playing politics as innocent keeps dying day by day. We need to at least write something about it everyday to make the world aware about Syrian outcry just like we did when monks were killing Muslims in Myanmar.

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See the Dad’s reaction when he finds his son alive when people said he died

Dad’s creation made everyone cry, it was indeed a showcase of Love. But it breaks heart into pieces to see that this father had no one but his son alive for him. He was just overwhelmed by the fact that his son is alive when people believed he was dead.

Share this video on your wall, twitter timeline and Instagram or snapchat story, make people aware what is happening there, how people are losing their life for the crimes they never committed.

We take our lives, our luxuries for granted. If we look at these people, it will really give us a reality check, that we’re living like Kings and Queens in comparison with the lives of these innocent people who are forced to be in the war area. Every other country has closed its doors on these people.

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