10 Ways To Cure Masturbation Addiction According To Islam

Masturbation for both Men and Women are injurious to health as well as Islam does not permit this action and many scholars have labeled it as Zina.

You will find many articles that will say masturbation has some health benefits, which are nothing but a great lie and deception to hide the health risks. Allah talked about everything in Islam, in Quran, it is stated;

illegal sex quran

The major reason people get addicted to Masturbation is Pornography! which is easily available everywhere! This Surah has restricted Muslim Men and Women to do it.

Before we move to the cures, make sure you recite these duas at least once, daily.

Duas to Cure Masturbation Addiction:

masturbation addiction cure dua 2 masturbation addiction cure dua

Ways You Can Cure Masturbation Addiction:

1. Stop watching Explicit Content

You need to put a block on watching porn as much as possible. There are many ways you can restrict your access to such explicit contents. Explicit contents do not mean porn only, it means that Movies and all the TV series which makes you sexually want someone!

In Mostly Islamic countries it is banned but still many people have access to it, try to cut your access down!

2. Do not stay in Bathroom for long

Shaitan hits you harder when you’re alone and at a place where these things are common, try to take bath as soon as possible, do not stay in there longer, otherwise, you will be getting caught in the trap of Shaytaan.

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3. Get busy!

When one stays alone, he or she generates the habit of Masturbating, because when one is alone, or have nothing to do, he or she searches for every single thing, good or bad or whatever it is. So it’s better to get busy, by getting a part-time job or you can also start reading a novel or anything!

4. Listen to Dawah Lectures or Recite Quran

Listen to Noman Ali Khan and many other Eminent speakers, through this you will feel close to Islam as well as Allah. And on the other hand, you will be able to gain knowledge about Islam and it would be great if you recite Quran with translation so you can understand what Allah wants you to do.

5. Do not touch yourself!

Try not to touch your private parts, avoid it as much as possible.

6. Start a new Habit

Start a new habit, such as Photography, Blogging, Reading Books, Playing games, reciting Quran or teaching Quran. This will keep you busy…

7. Do Volunteering

You can also start volunteering somewhere, such as an Orphanage, where you can volunteer your services and can earn good rewards. Even you can volunteer anywhere you want.

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8. Try to restrict content that leads to gain sexual desire

As I discussed before, try restricting your access to such things that turn you on and leads you to the place which contains hell fire for you! If you’re on PC, Smartphone or Tablet there are much software you can use to restrict yourself for accessing such things, if you search for example “Google Chrome Parental Lock Extention” it can also help you restrict your access to many websites containing naked stuff.

9. Get married

If you are old enough to get married then the best way is to get married. The reason Islam emphasis on getting married after 18 years of age, is that a person saves himself from such evil deeds by marrying at an early age.

10. Recite the Duas given above and seek Allah’s mercy

Try to save the duas given above, so you can recite when you feel helpless. You can never be Helpless and Alone, as ALLAH is always there and watching over you. Try to seek his mercy.