Is Coronavirus Really A Punishment For The Mankind From Allah?

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Why is the whole world going through the lethal coronavirus pandemic? What are the Muslims supposed to do in this situation? Is this a punishment from Allah (SWT)?

Aisha (RA) narrated that she inquired the messenger of Allah PBUH regarding plague to which He responded that;

sahih bukhari hadith no 5734 1

The above stated Hadith explains that a pandemic is a punishment from Allah (SWT). As Muslims, we are required to focus on ourselves. Are we getting far from Islamic teachings? Everyone is asking for mercy from Allah (SWT) regarding the pandemic which has effected people globally in every aspect of their lives.

What should we, as Muslims supposed to do in such a situation?

Firstly, Muslims should have a strong belief in the teachings, we should revive our faith by reverting back to Allah (SWT). Then, we should start focusing on serving humanity. We should be practical along making Dua for the good to appear. The first world countries, which have an abundance of wealth and technologies, are also failing in dealing with the virus. Their condition is a lesson for the Muslim community.

quran by t foz
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In addition, Muslims are required to emphasize on their daily routines, they should seek forgiveness and should recite and follow the Holy Book of Qur’an revealed for us. This difficult time would also pass, however, the Muslims are required to focus and note the lesson from the widespread virus. Indeed, Allah (SWT) is merciful, we should revert to him and initiate contending the western nations.

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That could only be achieved by affection and knowledge, not by extremism. And mainly, don’t get tensed, just stick by the doctor’s and the government’s recommendations. We should be indulged in praying. In these quarantine days, read, implement and focus on becoming a better person and a better Muslim.

Dua for Coronavirus Protection

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A Shabbir Ahmed

In my opinion the following can be possible. 1. It is a Punishment from Allah Subhaanuwa Tha’aala on the chinese for the torture they unleashed on the Uyghur Muslims, shutting them in concentration camps, trading the body parts of their dead, burnt their Masjids and Qur’an, Tore the ankle length dresses of their women and scarves. Swore to rewrite The Qur’an. It has spread to the entire world. because not a single country had the courage to condemn and take the chinese to task on this genocide, Those good souls who voiced their dissent through social media were also silenced.… Read more »


Allah Knows Best

A Shabbir Ahmed

But, there is also a strong opinion emerging that 1. This may be a bio war unleashed by the Illuminati, the clandestine organization of some countries wanting to create a new world order in which they will have absolute control of this world and its people and their activities. 2. The bitter trade war between china and the united states, may have triggered this bio war too, with the central intelligence agency of the united states unleashing to destroy china and its economy, who are predicted to control the next 100 years of the world and its developments. What is… Read more »

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