China Bans Quran Classes For Muslim Children

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China bans Quran classes for Muslim children living in the western china which has a majority of people living are Muslims.

Chinese authorities has published a notification with immediate effect, this step comes a program to neutralize the religious presence in the region.

Students in school of Linxia county in province Gansu, which is a home to a majority of Muslims hui ethnic, are now not allowed prohibited to enter the religious building to read or learn Quran.

The notification says;

Any individual is not allowed to read any Islamic scriptures. And everyone will not be allowed to teach any Muslim scriptures in the premises. Everyone must respect the Chinese law as it is atheist state.

Published on AlJazeera

If anyone has seen taking Quran Classes openly he will be taken for the reeducation camps. And China has banned Quran classes, to oppress the muslims and their Islamic influence in the area.

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