Preparing For The Final Questions Being Asked In Your Grave

final questions grave

Final Questions are just three, but answering them will not be easy for every Muslim! It is one of the toughest Exam for every Human being out there.

After burying a person the grave welcomes a person. To get a Muslim, the pleasant is like what sort of mom squeezes or hugs her child of love. For any non-believer the grave welcomes him in that manner that the right-side ribs will interlock with the left-side ribs. Thereafter, both angels, Munkar & Nakeer, will rip the planet earth and go into the grave. Munkar, Nakeer, means unusual people. These angels are neither like humans nor like other angels. The Nakirain are honourable for the believers while for non-believers, they include retribution. Their image is very terrifying. There is black, their sight is blue, dark-colored and incredibly big. The distance of their locks is from the top to your toes. Their teeth are incredibly big plus they make use of it to rip the planet earth when getting into the grave. They tremble the deceased and get her or him up. The deceased are then asked the next three questions:

  1. Man Rabuka ? (Who is your God ?)
  2. Man Deenuka ? (What is your religion ?)
  3. Ma kunta taqoolu fa haazar rujul (What do you think about this person?) – Then Muhammad (PBUH) will appear.

Watch this video to learn more about Answering the Final Questions in your Grave!

 If the individual is a non-Muslim, she or he will never be in a position to answer the questions, but would only say, ”Ha ha la adri. ” ( O’ just what a pity I really do not know). A command would result from the sky. ” This person is resting. Lay down for him the bed linens of flame and dress him with the clothes of flames and start the entrance doors of Hell.” Heat of hell will enter in the grave. Two other angels will be appointed to provide the person consequence in the grave, by snakes, scorpions and other means.

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