The Character of Prophet Muhammad PBUH

character of prophet muhammad
Abuzar Xheikh

Mawlid Un Nabi or the commemoration of the Prophet SAWW’s birthday is a moment to imitate the good characters exemplified by the most outstanding leader the world has ever seen.

The Qur’an, as the holy book of Muslims, emphasizes that Prophet Muhammad SAWW is Uswatun Hashanah or an excellent example for humanity. His attitude and outlook on life guide him to being an excellent human and leader.

Since childhood, even before his prophethood began, the Prophet SAWW was known to have good morals, namely good deeds that we must always emulate in our lives. By imitating the Prophet Muhammad’s morals and strengthening the Muslim’s faith in Allah SWT.

Here are several exemplary attitudes of the Prophet Muhammad SAW during his life that we can apply in everyday life:

  • The Prophet SAWW was a selfless person who always preferred others over himself.
  • The Prophet SAWW was a perfect example of good manners.
  • The Prophet SAWW was a Peace lover.
  • The Prophet SAWW always treated children with kindness and mercy
  • The Prophet SAWW was the most generous person there could ever be.
  • The Prophet SAWW always fulfilled the needs of anyone who came to him to ask for something.
  • During his life, Prophet Muhammad SAWW was a person who was very concerned about the rights of women.
  • Prophet Muhammad SAWW was the most pleasant person. He always greeted everyone with a smile and spoke to them with gentleness.
  • Prophet Muhammad SAWW was a very caring person for the whole community. During his life, he was known to be very concerned about orphans. He can also be likened to an animal rights activist today, considering that he always encourages Muslims to be gentle with animals.
  • Another striking personality of the Prophet Muhammad SAW is his modesty. During his life, he was disassociated with worldly possessions; sometimes, he even tended to give up his possessions for the benefit of Muslims and the spread of Islam.

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