Blind Athlete Disqualified From Asian Games As She Refused To Take Off Hijab

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Blind Athlete Disqualified as she refused to take her Hijab off to play games. Her act is hailed all over the world but the discrimination is unfair.

Miftahul Jannah broke into tears as the management of Asian games disqualified her after she refused to take her hijab off.

Miftahul Jannah Blind Athlete disqualified

Miftahul Jannah was set to participate in Judo at Asian games but a new rule was introduced just a day before her participation which broke all of her dreams in a few seconds.

Miftahul Jannah belongs to Indonesia, and Indonesian people have hailed her respect towards Hijab and giving it the respect it deserves.

Whatever the risk is, i will not take of my hijab. – Miftahul Jannah

She added more to this;

I was working to participate in this event for about 10 months, and i really worked hard, and sometimes i work so hard that i could barely move my hands. – Miftahul Jannah

But sadly, the management of Asian Para Games have disqualified her already. Many newspapers claim that “Ban of Hijab in Asian Para Games” introduced a day before their participation.

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Many people hailed Mitahul Jannah on social media;

“You are our champion, protecting Hijab was much better than participating in the game, you are our CHAMPION.”

“You are a champion in the eyes of Allah, you defended the Hijab and you did really well. May Allah bless you.”

“You’re the real WINNER”

While some people are saying that she should not leave her passion because of the new laws, and she should carry on with other games where hijab is not banned such as Taekwondo and pencak silat. Many said that there is no difference between the Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

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People all around the world are motivating Jannah for showing courage and did not bow down in front of the people who do not have respect for Islam. Meanwhile, people all around the world are starting petitions to bring her back in the games.

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