Daughter of AR Rahman Trolled For Wearing Niqab During a Talk

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AR Rahman is an Oscar-winning Indian Muslim musician who is one of the famous personalities in the world. But something very wrong happened.

His daughter Khadija, took the public stage to thank her father for being so kind and supportive towards her. As she took the stage she was wearing Niqab, and she was confident enough to talk to a big crowd of people.

But, Trolls being trolls, they made fun of her hijab and said “This happens when you born into a Muslim family”, just as a sign to show how Muslims are doing oppression on the women, which is not true. On stage she also said that her father follows the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

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This is the moment when trolls trolled her for what she was wearing in the public speaking event, but AR Rahman proudly claps back at the trolls to shut them up.

After this event she wrote this on her facebook;

Khatija rahman

AR Rahman was converted to Islam at the age of 23, since then he was one of the famous Muslim personalities. Previously, he was a Hindu, but at the age of 23, he and his family including his mother and sisters converted to Islam and continued to live in India while leading a simple Islamic life.

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