Why Allah Destroyed The People of Aad and City of Aad

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Allah sent 124,00 prophets for guidance on earth. Hud (AS) was one of these prophets who were sent down on the people of Aad in the city of aad.

People of Aad known for their strong physical strength

Nation Of Aad
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The people of aad were an old tribe of Saudi Arabia, living in a city called Iram. The tribe was famous for physical strength and cleverness and was called giants.

The nation of aad was so intelligent and strong that they can even carve mountains to make them their houses. Created with beautiful pillars.

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The nation of Aad started to feel proud of themselves

The narrations show that the people of aad were so strong that they can take out the trees with their own hands easily. They were big giant, clever and strong people.

Because of their power the nation started feeling proud of their powers which eventually lead to a situation where they forget Allah.

The power and money those people had made them think that they do not need Allah anymore. And move towards the wrong path.

Hud (AS) preached them about Allah and Islam

Hud As About City And Nation Of Aad

The nation formed gangs which used to rob people, Hud AS was sent to give guidance to these people and to bring them onto the path of Allah.

These people were also included in the killing of people.

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They laughed at Hud (AS) for preaching Islam, it was the time when Allah decided to punish them.

Allah told Hud (AS) to go to a cave taking along the believers which were located near the city of aad.

The City of Aad was hit by a Tornado

Hud As And Nation Of Aad

The next day, a Tornado hit Iram city which wiped out the People of aad once and for all. Only Hud (AS) and his people were saved from that.

Where is the cave where Hud (AS) hid from the people of Aad?

City Of Aad
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As per Quran, the location of this cave is the Southern part of Arabian Penisula, which is either in Eastern Yemen or Western Oman.

People of Aad were the ancestors of People of Thamud, Allah sent Salih (AS) on People of Thamud.

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