This Man Is Teaching Quran For Free To All In Turkey

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This old man is teaching Quran for free to anyone living in Turkey, he says he can come anywhere to teach him and he is doing this for the sake of Allah.

This innocent old man is roaming on the streets of Turkey, and holding a bag which says that;

“I can teach you Quran for 10 Minutes a day, and I will come to anywhere you want me to come, even if it is your house or your office. I will not take a single penny for this teaching, as I am doing this for the sake of Allah.”

This is indeed a very generous act and indeed Allah will reward him in the best possible way. He has established an example of how a real Muslim should be, and how we should make the knowledge of Quran easily accessible for all the Muslim around the world.

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This post went viral on social media, which contains his picture so people in Turkey can easily identify him.

Since the address and name or city name was not mentioned by the post which went viral, so the exact location or name of this person is still unnamed. We at The Islamic Information strives to help such people by bringing them to mainstream media. If anyone knows anything about this person, do not hesitate to contact us on our website, so we can further move forward with this matter.

And if you find this person we would ask you to take lessons and let us know the real name and address of this great man.

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Kindly share this article with everyone in your friend list or anyone you know from turkey it will help us find this person as soon as possible, sharing this will be a big help in this highly noble cause.

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