Tajikistan Bans Muslim Veil All Across The Country

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Tajikistan Approved the law to make the nation binding traditional tradition and bound to national culture.
Dushanbe: The Muslim majority country, Tajikistan has banned women veil.

According to the foreign media, the Central Asian country has been enacted in Tajikistan, in which the public has been promoted to wear Islamic clothes by wearing traditional clothes and keeping the national culture connected. Women usually do not hijab or mask in Tajikistan, but inhibit the backside on the back of the head, when the scarf is tied to the head slightly and the face is hidden in front of the eyebrows.

Despite being a Muslim majority country, Tajik culture Shamsuddin called on Islamic clothing very dangerous, talking to Radio Free Europe. Culture Minister said that everyone sees hijacked women with anxiety and thinks that they have not hidden anything in their hijab. Earlier the Tajik government said in his statement that Islamic hijab represents the Asian culture.

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Under the current laws of the country, the official offices of hijab women are already banned, in the beginning of August in the beginning of August, authorities caught 8,800 hijabi women in capital Dushanbe, tied them out of the hijab and tied them back The person was instructed to wear a scarf. Although there is no proposal to wear hijab in the new legislation, however, some say that a sentence will also be applied shortly afterward.


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