Saudi Arabian 70 Years Old Man Writes Entire Quran on Eggs

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Quran on Eggs! Quite incredible! Right? This made it happen by a 70 years old Saudi man who dedicated his life to make this thing possible.

Every Muslim has his or her way to express his love for Allah. Some express it by memorizing it, some by reciting it and some by spreading it to the other people. But there are some other people, who go an extra mile to show their love to Almighty Allah.

But this 70 years old man from Saudi Arabia did something very strange yet wonderful. His name is Ahmed Abdan, he has dedicated all of his life to the cause of Arabic Calligraphy. And he managed to write the entire Quran correctly on 6 Eggs only!

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Quran on Eggs 2

Moreover, Ahmed Abdan, alongside his Arabic Calligraphy skill, he also memorized the Quran while making all of it. It is so amazing to witness such kind of art in the world. This is clearly a world record of someone writing the entire Quran on just 6 Eggs which requires such a high skill.

Quran on Eggs 3

Ahmed Abdan loves reading and righting and he made it possible by standing on his feet. He told the media that he wrote the entire Quran on these 6 eggs as he stood up all the time.

Quran on Eggs 4

It is kind of unbelievable for a 70 years older man to stand up to make his dream come true, it is something which he has dedicated all of his life to and here is his world, the world is going gaga over his high skills in the field of calligraphy.

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Quran on Eggs 1

The text on eggs is so tiny that you just need a magnifying glass to read the text, as these 6 eggs include the entire Quran on them, which is indeed incredible and requires a high level of Guinnesses.


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