Pakistani Old Father Beaten By Sons For Spending Money To Perform Hajj

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The old father was beaten by his sons for using the money for Hajj rather than giving it away to his sons to waste in Sindh, Pakistan.

Fathers dedicate their lives for their families, they work hard to give the children a comfortable life and quality education they even do two jobs at a time to make sure the family meets their end. They sacrifice everything for their children and wife. They make sure to buy them new clothes to wear and give them every luxury of life.

Mothers also works hard to make their kids get every luxury in the world. But unfortunately, there are some parents, who gets ill minded children in their lives. No matter how much parents do for them, these children will pay back their parents’ kindness in a very gruesome way.

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A heartbreaking incident occurred in Sindh which is a part of Pakistan, where an old father was badly breaden by his greedy sons

This poor father was brutally beaten till he bled, over his own money, the Pakistani news outlet added. The old father was planning to go to perform Hajj, but unfortunately, instead of getting support from his son, his sons beat him violently for not giving Hajj money to his sons. Watch this video with a heavy heart.

It breaks the hearts how he is sitting silent, half conscious and trying to get up as he is bleeding.

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Sadly the sons beat him to stop him to perform a sacred journey Hajj, which is a dream of many Muslims living all around the world. It is a strange sight to see how money can turn your own sons into a violent animal.

Let us know what you think about all this? We hope these sons gets caught and brought to justice by Pakistani law enforcing agencies.

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I am in shock once again at the world we are living in. The cruelty of human beings and lack of compassion towards one another has become to much to bear, Oh Allah bring the Day of Judgement so justice can be seen to be done.

The sons are not Muslims they are evil


Please give me his address or phone number I can send money for his Hijja

Kaneez Fatima

May the sons rot in hell.

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