Palestinian Journalist Motaz Azaiza Evacuates From Gaza

After covering the war in Gaza for almost 100 days, Motaz Aziaza has decided to flee to Qatar and evacuate from Gaza.
Motaz Azaiza
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The journalist who showed the real truth of the conflict in Gaza to the whole world via his heartbreaking news coverage has decided to evacuate Gaza and travel to Qatar

After months of exposing the oppression and the war in the Gaza Strip through his sad, shocking images and videos, the famous Motaz Azaiza, a Palestinian photojournalist, has fled the region and reached Qatar.

Motaz is a 24-year-old Palestinian journalist who has been working for the Agency for Palestine Refugees and the United Nations Relief. His recordings on Instagram covering the war in Gaza have attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

His posts on social media have played a significant role in showing the world the truth of the conflict.

Throughout the conflict,  Motaz remained a prominent figure in Gaza because of this news coverage. His work has concentrated on the distressing photos and videos of Palestinian families, especially children, who are trying to survive the Israeli bombardment of their homes and hospitals.

His brave posts have received global recognition, with his Instagram followers increasing to 18.3 million.  

However, in a recent video, Motaz informed his followers on Instagram that this was the last time he could be seen with his heavy, stinky press vest.

He informed the public that he had decided to evacuate with the hope that he would come back to help and build Gaza again. He also elaborated that he had a lot of reasons to leave which his social media followers will surely understand. 

The war in Gaza has claimed more than 25000 lives with a humanitarian crisis affecting the women and girls severely.

The atrocities of the Israelis have increased to the extent that they opened up tank fires on people who were lined up for aid in Gaza which has resulted in numerous killings.

Azaiza’s evacuation has sparked a wave of support and appreciation from social media users, many of whom have praised him as a hero. Users have thanked him for his news coverings in the last 100 days.

The journalist never gave up telling stories of the people of Gaza. He risked his life to document the horrific reality in Gaza.

His departure from Gaza is a significant event in the ongoing conflict, as his work has been crucial in bringing the realities of the war to the world. His followers and the world now await his next moves and hope for peace in Gaza.

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