Muslim Girl Commits Suicide Due to Dowry Money in India

Ayesha Bano Makrani Muslim Girl Commits Suicide Due to Dowry Money in India

Ahmedabad: A statement recorded before the death of a girl who allegedly committed suicide due to dowry in India sparked outrage and protests on social media.

As per the details, 23 days ago, a 23-year-old girl named Ayesha Bano Makrani recorded her video statement on the Sabarmati river banks in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which later went viral all over social media. In the video, Ayesha Bano Makrani says that she came to the river intending to commit suicide and end her life.

Ayesha also said that she had no complaints from her parents, and today she is also freeing her husband. She said he [her husband] had good parents and friends, but he and his family were greedy, making life difficult for him.

After that Later, the recording of Ayesha’s last phone conversation with her parents before committing suicide also went viral on social media. In this audio recording, Ayesha’s parents stop her from taking this drastic step. However, she was continuously crying and saying she cannot fight anymore.

In the conversation on call, Ayesha admits telling her parents that she called her husband, Arif and informed him of her suicidal thoughts.

According to the case details, in July 2018, Ayesha married Arif from Jalore, Rajasthan. However, she returned to her parents’ house in Ahmedabad in March 2019 due to domestic violence.

According to her father, Liaqat Ali Makrani, a few months after her marriage in 2018, the son-in-law and his family started demanding for dowry money. In December of the same year, Ayesha was sent to Makkah.

Liaqat Ali says that he made peace with his daughter to send her father-in-law back, but then she was sent back to Makkah a few months later. Later, in January 2020, her son-in-law took her daughter back with the dowry of Rs. 250,000, where she ended his life on Thursday.

After the video made before Ayesha’s suicide came to light, demands are being made worldwide, including India, for her to be given justice. A discussion has started on the social tragedies arising out of dowry. She has also filed a case against her husband Arif Khan for inciting suicide.

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