Israeli Settlers Celebrate The Death of Palestinian Children

Israeli settlers call Palestine a cemetery while celebrating the deaths of Palestinian children
Israeli Settlers Celebrate The Death of Palestinian Children
Photo: Video Grab

Tel Aviv: Israelis responsible for the widespread massacre of children and women had taken their brutal acts to the next level when they started chanting songs about the deaths of Palestinian children, along with referring to Palestinian journalists as an ‘extinct species’.

The widespread massacre of Palestinians by Israel and the support of the United States have caught global attention, with different countries having various opinions on this disastrous conflict.

It has been reported that Israel has blocked Gazians of basic necessities like food, electricity, water, fuel, and medical aid and has continuously been launching air strikes at the densely populated city.

Several videos regarding the injured Palestinian children and the condition of Gaza revolve around the Internet.

However, one more video has been revolving around social media. The video features a song being sung by Israeli settlers during a demonstration where they chanted, happily danced and celebrated the deaths of Palestinian children and women.

The chants were

Gaza, Gaza… Gaza is a cemetery. There are no schools in Gaza. Because there are no more children in Gaza.

Added to this, Palestinian journalists and citizens were shouted at as being an ‘extinct species’ or the ‘lefties’

With the situation deteriorating daily, the Russian US ambassador called for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict that resulted in thousands of lives and millions of injuries.

As the situation unfolds, Muslim countries hope and pray for justice for their Palestinian brothers and sisters.

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