Emine Erdogan Named the Most Influential Muslim Woman 2020

Emine Erdogan

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An international tank has named Emine Erdogan (wife of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan) as the Most Influential Muslim Woman for 2020.

INSPAD (The Institute of Peace and Development), which is having headquarters from Belgium and Pakistan, has also nominated Emine Erdogan for International Peace Awards (2020) for the 10 leading Muslim figures all around the world for their services in various fields.

She was selected for her excellent services in social development having a focus on women empowerment, culture, environment, arts, and social awareness fields.

Turkish President Erdogan and his wife Emine is actively taking part in the current affairs of the Muslims all around the world.

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Recently She had also inaugurated a newly renovated Mosque in the Gambia. Furthermore, She is currently a part of a number of organizations working mainly for the women empowerment.

INSPAD (The Institute of Peace and Development) has 5,000 peace ambassadors and over 12,000 members from various countries, each year chooses influential Muslim people from around the world.

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