New Zealand to Broadcast Azaan, Women To Wear Hijab In Solidarity With Muslims

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Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand has announced that New Zealand will show Azaan (Call to prayer) all over New Zealand through TVNZ and RNZ on Friday to express empathy with the Muslim community living in New Zealand.

The broadcast of Adhaan in New Zealand will start by two minutes of silence to mark one week since the mosque attack happened. Jacinda Ardern announced this during her second visit to Christchurch. PM of New Zealand said there will be a Memorial Service held on Friday.

As I am in Christchurch, I want to include the rest of New Zealand. There is a hint to show to support to the Muslim people, as they will be in Mosques, in a huge number, this Friday.

Jacinda Ardern while addressing to Christchurch audience.

There will be a two minutes silence, and the call to prayer, which will be broadcasted on TVNZ and RNZ, all across the country.

Jacinda said.

Jacinda Ardern said that there are a huge number of loopholes in the NZ’s gun law which needs to be fixed to fight with something like the terrorist attack. She also banned the use of semi-automatic guns in the country.

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Not just this, there will also be a Hijab day on Friday in the country, where every woman will wear Hijab to show love and kindness towards the Muslim community living in the country.

And before this, the parliament session of New-Zealand was started with the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying “Assalam o Alikum”

The world has been praising Jacinda Ardern for leading with so much empathy and kindness, she has been seen very active with the Muslim community to make them feel loved, and to ensure that Muslim living in NZ are not left behind. She was also seen wearing Muslim clothes since the attack happened.

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May God give peace around the world- What a beautiful heart lady – God bless her and all the Families that are going through this!


I wish peace to everyone in this world.

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