The List of Names of Plants Mentioned in the Holy Quran

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These are the names of Tress or Plants mentioned in the Holy Quran. These are verified plants which are mentioned in the holy book.

List of Names of Plants mentioned in the Holy Quran

We at the Islamic Information strives to gather the important information related to Islam on your timeline. Today, we have collected the names of plants and tress that are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

1. Manna (Quran verse 3)

Manna plant
Ray Cannon’s nature notes

2. Date-Palm (Quran verse 20)

Date Palm plant

3. Olive (Quran verse 7)

Olive plant
Gardener’s Path

4. Grape (Quran verse 11)

Grape plant

5. Pomegranate (Quran verse 3)

Pomegranate plant

6. Fig (Quran verse 1)

Fig plant
Leon & George

7. Cedar (Quran verse 4)


8. Tamarisk (Quran verse 1)

Tamarisk plant
Gardening Know How

9. Tooth Brush Tree (Quran verse 1)

Tooth Brush Tree
Tanzania Experience

10. Henna (Quran verse 1)

Henna plant
World Seed Supply

11. Ginger (Quran verse 1)

Ginger Tree

12. Lentil (Quran verse 1)

lentil tree

13. Onion (Quran verse 1)

onion tree

14. Garlic (Quran verse 1)

garlic tree
Iowa Source

15. Cucumber (Quran verse 1)

Cucumber Tree
Bishnu Sarangi

16. Acacia (Quran verse 1)

Acacia tree
Josh Y

17. Gourd (Quran verse 1)

Gourd tree

18. Mustard (Quran verse 2)

Mustard tree
Klaus-Peter Huschka

19. Sweet Basil (Quran verse 2)

Sweet Basil tree
Tom Dreier

20. Euphorbia (Quran verse 4)

Euphorbia tree
Inland Valley Garden Planner

21. Bitter Thorn (Quran verse 1)

Bitter Thorn tree
Eat the Weeds

22. Blessed Tree (Quran verse 1)

Blessed Tree plants

The references are mentioned in each plant name, made it easy for your to find the reference of the names we mentioned, but still, if you have any questions, confusions or want to ask anything. Feel free to drop it in the comments section below.

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