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Interactive Prayer Mat For Kids Is Going Viral and You Should Get One

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A new genius product that brings together religion with technology has changed the way that children learn to pray. My Salah Mat is an interactive educational prayer mat for kids that is now sold internationally in over 20 countries. It is a unique concept for teaching children and new Muslims how to pray.

Kamal Ali, a British Bangladeshi/ Muslim, is the person responsible for this. He is a high school teacher and product designer by profession and has used his professional skills to design, develop and launch My Salah Mat.

kid praying
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My Salah Mat is a unique way of teaching children the bodily positions and what to say during of salah by guiding them two Rakats using a simple to understand format. It makes teaching children salah straightforward for parents and enjoyable for children. Children nowadays naturally gravitate toward technology, which is what makes My Salah Mat so appealing and popular.

Parents and guardians around the world have bought the My Salah Mat and their reaction has been immensely positive! Whether in Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa, the benefits have been expressed by parents. This has led to My Salah Mat going viral!

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The pictures below show how enthused with salah children become when they use My Salah Mat. It is enabling them to take on good habits that will last a life time, while imitating their parents and encouraging the learning process.  Many customers have stated that they wish they had My Salah Mat when they were growing up.

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epm for kids comments
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The product has been shared on all social media platforms and has gone viral on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter.

mysalah mat for kids

People have commented about how it will benefit the young and make teaching easy for parents.

On Twitter, Muslims from Algeria, Morocco and France have been amazed by what one parent called this “wonderful creation.”

MySalahMat – Here is how you can get it

my salah prayer mat
my salah mat boy praying kaaba

My Salat Mat is a revolutionary idea that is making its mark on a technology obsessed generation. Kamal hopes to continue spreading the message of My Salah Mat as far and wide as possible. My Salah Mat will continue to make it fun and easy to learn Salah and to encourage a love for Salah within children.

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Kamal comments, “The reception from the Muslim community has been beyond imagination. Many parents have sent us humbling messages of praise and gratitude for creating My Salah Mat. The support and encouragement that I receive from customers is what drives and motivates me to continue growing the business”.

My Salah Mat continues to grow as a company and is looking for stockists and agents around the world. Despite challenges along the way, the company continues to meet the demands of the Muslim community. Insha’Allah, Kamal can go forward to achieve his vision and we wish him all the best with his venture.

Please visit their website for more information for Price at: MySalahMat

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