Muslim Doctor Shaves Beard To Treat Coronavirus Patients

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Dr. Faraz, a Muslim Doctor shaves beard which he was keeping for last 15 years following the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Because of the pandemic of COVID-19, doctors who are dependent on the Hippocratic Oath are serving by standing on the frontline. They are trying to deliver their best in order to protect us.

Our doctors do not possess anything more to offer than practicing the eventual sacrifice by their blood, tears, sweat, and toil to treat their patients.

In such doctors, a Muslim doctor shared an update of clean shaving his beard throughout 15 years just to serve his patients who are suffering with the virus.

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Performing an ultimate sacrifice

We live in a society where the health facilities are inadequate, leadership is observed loafing and doest respond on the spot in any kind of situation. Dr. Faraz (Raz), in such situations, is amongst the rest who are delivering their fundamental efforts to keep the virus away. In accordance with the tweet of Dr. Faraz, he would be soon reassigned to look after the patients.

And for that purpose, he removed his beard to have the surgical mask fitted on him in the required way. For us, it is significant to understand that being a devoted Muslim, it is very hard to unfollow any of the Islamic acts.

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Having and maintaining a beard for a Muslim, is considered very important thus, this move is undoubtedly upsetting.

Unfortunately, we lost Dr. Osama and Muslim Nurse in the UK a few weeks back due to the coronavirus. It is believed that the young doctor was among the rest of the medical team who were responsible for screening to search out for the infected ones. During his duty, he got the virus from an infected person which led him to the ventilator. And just after a few hours, he lost the battle.

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