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Muslim Central, A Gateway Of Thousands of Islamic Audio Online for Free

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Muslim Central is the gateway of the world’s largest Islamic Audio Online which is completely free and will never cost you, not even a single penny!

Muslim Central had started in 2012, since then they have grown drastically, raising their downloads to Three Million downloads of Islamic Audio Online on their website per month, allowing Millions of Muslims to listen to the world’s top scholars on their website totally free of cost. It has over 18,000 Islamic audios having the lectures from over 120 Islamic Scholars currently listed on their website.

On Muslim Central the content is updated on daily basis, so Muslims all around the world can catch up with what’s new in the Muslim World. As well as, Muslim central had also started the new service, Quran Central which has all the audios of Quran recitation from over 270+ Quran reciters from all around the globe, which is also available for free to stream as well as you can also download it for free, Watch this video below to have clearer view about Muslim Central and what all of it is about

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The general population behind the venture say their point is to serve the deen:

Serving the Deen online takes into account numerous chances to procure gigantic measures of reward. Case, on account of our Audio Publishing, envision we get the reward of every teacher, think about the Hadith of directing others towards goodness. Presently, consider we serve more than 2 Million Downloads month to month, Alhumdullilah. This keeps us persuaded in the expectation of winning Allah’s kindness!

Muslim Central has an idiosyncratic technology which allows Islamic Scholars to directly upload their lectures immediately, So you can listen them whenever you want to listen!

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Do checkout their website MuslimCentral.com as well as their app on Android Store and iTunes.

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