History of Muhammad Al – Baqir (RA)

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muhammad al baqir ra

Mohammad Baqir (RA) was the first person who was named Muhammad after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), His titles were Baqir and Abu Jaffer.

He was the son of Ali Ibn-Hussain. And her mother was Fatima bint-e-Hassan. He was born on the 1st Rajab, 57th Hijrah, He died on 7th Zilhaj, 114 Hijrah (Monday) at the time of his death, his age was 56 years old. He was buried in the Jannat ul Baqi.

Al-Baqir means “Who Opens Knowledge”, he was known for his knowledge.

Muhammad Ibn Ali Al Baqir (RA) in Karbala

He was just two and a half years old when he went to Karbala with Imam Hussain (RA) and his family. During this tragic travel, he witnesses some gruesome moments and the martyrdom of his loved ones. After Yazid’s Army took them into his captivity, he and other family members returned to Madinah in 62 A.H, at that time he was just 4 years old.

Imam Abu Hanifa and Muhammad Ibn Ali Al Baqir (RA)

Imam Abu Hanifa was the student of Mohammad Al-Baqer (RA) for a long period. Imam Abu Hanifa used to study the Hadiths, Fiqh and other types of Islamic knowledge from him. Both Shiite and Sunni scholars have shown mutual agreement on the Abu Hanifa being his student. A major part of the knowledge of Abu Hanifa had was gathered from him (RA). Allama Shabrawi Shafaee had written that He (RA) used to test Imam Abu Hanifa on the knowledge on Fiqh and hadiths and when he can’t answer, Muhammad Baqir (RA) used to teach them the real knowledge of Hadith and Fiqh.

His Works

  • Ma’athiru’l-Baqir 

In this book, he discussed topics such as Allah and his divine nature when it was impossible for a normal human to understand it.

  • Umm al-Kitab 

In this, he discussed the psychological and philosophical explanation of spiritual symbols in this world.

  • Tafsir al-Baqir

In this, he discussed the Quran.

His Last Will

He was poisoned by Ibrahim ibn Walid ibn Abdallah, who was the nephew of Hisham. As per Noor ul Absar Page 131, Muhammad Al-Baqir (RA) said to his son Imam Jafar Sadiq (RA) that the voice of his father is calling him. As per scholars, he instructed that his coffin should be opened after his burial and should not be higher than 4 fingers.

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