Muslims Are Angry After Mufti Menk Compared Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad PBUH

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A renowned Islamic scholar, Mufti Menk is under the hot water after he compared the acts of Pakistani Prime Minister to Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s acts.

Here is the video in which he said that Prophet Muhammad PBUH would have done the same what Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan has done.

A Pakistani while citing on the forum said that no one in the humankind can ever be compared to Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he also wrote that it is illogical to compare Prophet Muhammad PBUH to a Politician. He also said that we respect the acts of Imran Khan but it is not okay to compare Imran Khan’s acts with Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (2)

While in the post in the comments also reflected some comments criticizing the comparing of Imran Khan to Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (1)
Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (3)
Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (4)
Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (5)
Comment About Mufti Menk Comparing Imran Khan To Prophet Muhammad (6)

If we look back at Imran Khan’s life it obviously doesn’t reflect what he is today, we have seen a lot of scandals and all with girls, this is the reason why people all around the world are denounce Mufti Menk’s comment on how Imran Khan handling all the Indian and Pakistani conflict issues.

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Meanwhile, there were also some people who were claiming that Mufti Menk did not say a word but ensures that Imran Khan followed the path of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. There is a hot debate going on about what did Mufti Menk meant.

Meanwhile, people are still awaiting a statement of clarification from Mufti Menk about what he meant in his recent address that made him compare Imran Khan to a personality beloved by every Muslim.

What do you think about this comment made by Mufti Menk? Let us know in the comment box below so our readers can read your view on this story as well.

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We are supposed to foiiow the example of our beloved Prophet (pbuh ), that’s how I felt he meant it. Our Brother Mufti Menk is one of our great scholars. Why would he say something that goes against what he has learned and has taught for all these years?

Moyin Moosa Laher

i think we are misunderstanding Mufti Menk. Alhamdulillah he is a great scholar and knows that nobody can be compared to our honourable master Muhammed Sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Maybe Mufti Menk should clarify this misunderstanding…

Shahzaib Ali

i think he shouldve have worded his statment correctly


Why can someone’s actions not be compared? We should all follow the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW so if Imran Khan did something that followed the Sunnah; why is it wrong? People forget that it is not them that should be judging; Allah judges and will judge everyone and every action. You people slay fellow Muslims at the first opportunity; it’s disgusting and certainly NOT what the Prophet SAW would have done

Munawara Yakub

I think Mufti Menk was only trying to say what the prime minister did was a really good thing,and that our GREAT Prophet (SAW) in his great wisdom would have done the same too since he(SAW) is our great teacher.He wasn’t comparing anybody to the Prophet,he was only stating how Imran Khan acted according to the teachings of the Prophet (SAW).


He said and I quote. “Probably Prophet Muhammad (saw) would have done something like that”
“Probably” and “something like that” is not a comparison. Come on, we have better things to do than finding debatable faults in our daees. Lets try to do a small percentage of what the mufti is doing, then inshaAllah we can start criticizing him.

A Shabbir Ahmed

Imran Khan does not have any choice but to listen to what the pak army dictates. with that understanding only he has been made pm. he has divorced his two wives to appease the islamic radicals of pakistan for his political ends. He cannot even be compared to a single strand of hair of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)’s.

Phadil ibn Ismail

Do not make everything personal find the goodness in deeds


I agree……………


Assalamualkum There is nothing wrong at all with what Mufti Menk has said. Shaitaan is making All muslims fight and go against each other. Also the Sunni Muslims want to start war because they do not like Mufti Menk so they want to start something with Mufti Menk that is the problem as i experience these things all the time. He is right Prophet Muhammed SAW would have did the same thing like Imraan Khan and release the person. When i see someone doing good actions I also say Prophet Muhammed SAW would have did the same thing. I dont… Read more »

Maimuna Nasir

Yumna are u sick or something? if u don’t have good 2say kindly go and sleep child


Well I said what I said. And it’s a painful truth. If you people don’t have any other work to do then you should go sleep. Why call me a child when you don’t know who I am and what age I am. There is nothing wrong with what Mufti Menk said.

Hanif Banda

Its the beautiful act he compared not the whole personality
If you want to understand something to for context and you will be on the right track…..on the other habd,he should have said “khan has acted according to our prophets teachings”.His remark sounded like the prophet is the leaner and khan is the teacher….any a human being will never be perfect and that’s the example


What about shayakh Sudais he also compared Muhammad bin salman to Hazary umar ra


He is gone mad looks like deena is not his cup of tea anymore

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