Masjid al Buraq: Place Where Prophet Muhammad PBUH Tied His Buraq On Miraj Night

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Masjid Al Buraq is situated in the Southwest corner to the compound of Al Aqsa. It is a small building and a sacred place to Muslims. As stated in the Holy Quran, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was taken towards Masjid Al Aqsa and from there, in the direction of Heavens on the night journey.

According to the belief of Muslims, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) moved towards the Heavens on the night of 26th Rajab. Ibadah through whole night is preferred by many Muslims of South Asia as the form of celebration. This night is known as Miraj night or Shab-e-Miraj.

Mosque Al Buraq
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Buraq is the name of the animal with the help of which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was raised from Jerusalem towards the Heavens. As mentioned in a Hadiths, it is has wings and is white-colored. Also, it has a medium height and a great speed. Masjid Al Buraq is the location where Buraq was tied by our Prophet (PBUH), after which. the Masjid was named Al Buraq. The wall where it was tied is named as Buraq Wall. Although, we don’t have enough evidences to support the fact that this was the exact wall, it is generally believed by the Muslims.

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Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received gifts on the Nights of Miraj

Place Where Muhammad Tied The Buraq
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At the seven levels of the Heavens, Prophet (PBUH) met different Prophets as it’s narrated. Another gift was of 50 prayers per day which Prophet (PBUH) led for the other Prophets on the same night. Also, Prophet (PBUH) met and had a conversation with Allah (SWT) on the same night.

The daily obligatory prayers were reduced from 50 to 5 prayers when Prophet (PBUH) returned to Allah Almighty for the concession.

Al Buraq Wall (Wailing Wall)

Western Wall

The Jews call it the Wailing Wall as they believe it is the only sign left of the sacred Herodian Temple. It is now known as the Western Wall. In the past, Jews didn’t focused much on it.

Western Wall Inside
Are Alley Long

It is built on the base of 45 stone course. 17 stone courses are structured under the ground and 28 stone courses are structured above. An interesting fact is that, above the 17 courses from the Muslim Mamluk Period, the 4 simple stone courses were created in the Period of Muslim Umayyad.

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