7 Major Signs Of The Age of Fitnah, As Per Hadiths

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Fitnah in Islam means to Test or Trials, Fitnah includes the things which are not accepted in Islam and are worldly, which means a person are more likely to fall under it’s trap but a true Muslim never will.

Hadiths teaches us a lot, so we collected the hadiths telling us about 7 major signs of the age of Fitnah;

1. Tall Buildings

signs fitna hadiths islam1

Dubai, Saudi Arabia and many other muslim countries are completing against each other to prove who can build a bigger building. Indeed a sign of end of the world!

2. Music in every home

Music is strictly prohibited in Islam, but Musical instruments and Music can easily be heard from every house.

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3. Many sects

signs fitnah hadiths islam3

We can see many sects spreading hatred against each other. The more they’re getting divided the more they are having hate for each other in their hearts.

4. Earthquakes, Tornadoes and Tsunamis

signs fitna hadiths islam4

Recent earthquakes, tsunamis and tornadoes have been shaking all the world and this is happening more frequently now.

5. People will hurt other people with their Tongue

This is so true, even on Social Media everyone is talking harsh stuff about one another.

6. Men will obey Wives and Disobey their Mothers

men disobey mother obey wife hadith

Sadly we live in an era where Mothers are treated like Maid, and a wife is being treated as a queen. A man should balance both wife and mother and give both of them equal love and respect which they deserve.

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7. Voice will be Raised in Mosques

shouting in masjid hadith

We often see many people shouting on the Mosque loudspeakers and spreading all kind of hatred, but then there are some people who speak gently and spread peace and love. But we need to notice that people shouting on the Mosque loud speakers are getting common, especially in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh etc.

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