The Kuwaiti Imam Called Muhammad Salah’s Injury “God’s punishment”

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Kuwaiti Imam given fatwa that the injury received by the Egyptian footballer Muhammad Salah is a punishment from the Almighty for the interrupted post in the month of Ramadan.

With this statement was made by Imam from Kuwait Mubarak al-Batkhali, reports The Daily Mail . Previously, physiotherapist of the football club Liverpool, for which Salah is speaking, said that the attacker broke the post at the insistence of a nutritionist.

Although Muslims are not allowed to fast while traveling, the imam said that this does not justify Salah. At the same time, al-Batkhali admitted that the footballer does a lot to improve the image of Muslims in the West, being a kind of ambassador of Islam in the modern world.

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Muhammad Salah was injured on May 26 in the Champions League final match against Real Madrid. According to doctors, the recovery of the athlete will take 3-4 weeks. Because of this, he risks missing the group stage of the 2018 World Cup.

Photo: Wikipedia

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