Indian Girl Dies After Phone Explodes When She Was On Call

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A girl in India has her phone exploded while she was on call to talk to her family member. This is not the first case reported of smartphone explosion, there are various explosions have been recorded in the past as well.

This is reported that Uma Oram, an 18 years old girl was using her phone after her phone showed the warning of low on battery she plugged in the charger to charge phone then she decided to call one of her family relatives when she was in the middle of the call her smartphone.

All of this happened in her house in India. After her phone exploded she had died on the spot because of her mobile being put in charge as she continues to talk. The family is grieving the young death and want other people to not to do such things which can cause them their lives. This is indeed a sad moment for the family to see their 18 years old leaving the world like that.

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Indian Girls Phone Explodes When She Was On Call
Photo Credits: CEN/DAILYMAIL

We often see many people using their smartphones while they are in charge, in the past, big companies such as Apple and Samsung phones were also exploded. So, this is to notify that no one should use their smartphones while on charging as it can cause you your own life, nothing is more precious than your own life.

We also ofter see kids using the smartphones to watch cartoons on youtube or on their parents’ phones, this is not just about exploding but it is also about damaging your children’s eyes and diverting his mind from his studies and outside activities to make them fresh.

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Spread this article, tag the family and friends because your one share and tag can save many lives from this deadly thing we carry with ourselves 24/7.

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