A Guy’s Phone Rang During Nouman Ali Khan’s Lecture, See What Happened Next

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Keep in mind the time when your darling wireless truly dragged you into inconvenience? Amid that critical meeting, amid namaz, that whacky teacher’s address, your folks addressing you, your sweetheart requesting you to hear her out and basically in each circumstance you expect your telephone’s ringtone doesn’t go off. Be that as it may, such is real people, it comes and thumbs you down in inconceivable routes and in impossible circumstances.

It has transpired sooner or later in life – we really wanted to scramble our fingers towards putting it on noiseless and trusting no one notices it. Now and again the individual crosswise over you do notification and they simply disregard, in case you’re that fortunate. Else, you just caused their anger on you…

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A comparable circumstance was experienced by a man amid Nouman Ali Khan’s address. Their telephone rang and how you anticipate that the circumstance will unfurl next is absolutely far-fetched. Remembering the aura of Nouman Ali Khan, it more likely than not gone tolerably, without him lashing out at the individual obviously.


Man, each descriptive word you use in applauding him appears to be short. What a person, he is! He just handles a circumstance without making the other individual feel awkward. He coolly – without changing the subject – tended to the circumstance, so serenely and amusingly. You can’t abandon snickering insanely finished it.

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Nouman Ali Khan just doesn’t stop to flabbergast us. It’s the first occasion when he has abandoned us completely surprised with his activities and his words. He keeps on motivating us both regarding his knowledge of the religion and life when all is said in done. His social persona and ability emerge as one of a kind qualities and it stays one reason why he conveys an incredible impact on individuals with his words.

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