Duas For Rain To Come, To Stop Rain and During Rain

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These are the duas for rain to come, and to stop excessive rain and to recite during it and thunderstorm. Recite it when the drops pour down.

Some countries are getting excessive rain, some places getting normal rain while some are not getting it at all. These duas are a great solution to seek Allah’s mercy to get rain, to stop it or to thank for it.

We at The Islamic Information collected all the relevant duas one can recite during the Rain. It is a complete guide from asking to rain till stopping it, helping you find best dua to recite.

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Dua for Rain To Come

dua for rain to come

Usually, this dua is perfect when your country or city is facing severe heatwave, or haven’t got any rain in a while. This dua is essential when you are requesting for rain.

Dua During Rain

dua during rain - dua when it is raining

This dua is perfect when it comes to Thank Allah for rain. It is a request that makes this rain good for everyone, including the ones who do not have strong houses. This dua is highly recommended to recite at the time of rain.

Dua For Rain To Stop

dua to stop rain - dua for stopping rain

Sometimes, some places face excessive rain, which causes flooding and other disasters which can take many lives. But to prevent that, we have a way to request Allah to seek his mercy by reciting this specific dua during the rain and thunderstorm.

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We know that you might want to ask how many times one should recite it. The clear answer is, that you can recite it as much as you can, there is no limitation, one time would be enough too if you have limited time.

If you want Duas related to any topic, feel free to ask us at [email protected] so we can upload it right away.

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