Pictures Of People Disrespecting Quran in Holy Mosque Goes Viral and People Are Angry!

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The images you are about to see are not from any part of the world but from Masjid Al Haram and Masjid an Nabawi, where many people can be seen disrespecting Quran openly while no one is there to question them.

All the time we hear about the strictness in two holy mosques Masjid Al Haram and Masjid An Nabawai, strictness as in religiously as well as in discipline. But that sometimes go neglected and then things like these happen.

Many Facebook pages have been circulating the photos of people in the holy mosque reading Quran with utter disrespect. Have a look on the photos below.

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people disrespecting quran madinah
Photo Credits: Fun Zone Network/Facebook

Sadly, despite such strictness, no one came there to guide them. It is such a sad state we are in that we do not make an effort to correct the person who is doing something wrong.

people disrespecting quran makkah
Photo Credits: Fun Zone Network/Facebook

Things like these can never be tolerated, especially when it comes to Quran which is the book of Allah. How can we just let this fact go and never took an action against them?

people disrespecting quran wahabi
Photo Credits: Fun Zone Network/Facebook

This is to bring to your knowledge that these people are Muslims. Despite being a Muslim they are unable to respect Quran while sitting at the holy mosque. Holy Quran is considered as the words of Allah and all Muslims believe on it as it was revealed on the Muhammad Prophet PBUH. But seeing people disrespecting Quram is something we should never neglect.

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people disrespecting quran
Photo Credits: Fun Zone Network/Facebook

People are angry over the fact that no one came there to correct them. Disrespecting Quran meaning you’re Disrespecting Allah because in Quran there are the worlds of Allah and disrespecting Muhammad PBUH because it was revealed to him.

disrespect quran
Photo Credits: Fun Zone Network/Facebook

What is your opinion on these people Disrespecting Quran openly at a very pure place? Do let us know!


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