Chinese Brand Selling Prayer Mats as Rugs! – Later Apologized

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A famous Chinese brand had been selling Prayer Mats as decorative rugs when Muslims saw this mistake, that created an outrage on Social Media. As Muslims called this step unethical.

Prayer mats are very important in Islam as Muslims pray on it. But selling it as rugs means people would walk over this holy thing. All the Muslims all around the world calling to boycott the brand.

Being such a big name, it is strange how their Quality Control passed this product to be sold as rugs. Shein was the Chinese Brand who did this.

They later apologized!

Right after seeing the uproar on social media. They took the product off the website. They also posted a token of apology on their Instagram, which is followed by 11.5 million people.

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They also apologized to all the Muslim community for making that mistake. And ensured that it won’t happen again.

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Anowar Hussain

Chinese lacks ethics and trust . May be it is done for having no sense as to what is prayer for God .

A Shabbir Ahmed

Recently, there was news about these chinese selling Prayer Rosary beads made from bones of swine. This created a lot of opposition from Muslims all over the world

I do not know if they have stopped selling these Rosary beads.

A Campaign to this effect must be done, as for the Prayer Mat which they have apologized and withdrawn.

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