Indian Supreme Court Gives Babri Mosque Land To Hindus

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Indian Supreme Court on Saturday gave a verdict, that Babri Mosque Land belongs to Hindus and further ordered to construct a Hindu temple on the land.

Back in 1992, Hindu mobs destroyed a 460 years old mosque in Ayodhya, North India, to construct a temple after destroying the mosque.

Indian Supreme Court further has given a verdict that a small land was given to Muslims to build a new small mosque, this ends an old ongoing discussion between the mosque and temple.

After giving the verdict, India has supercharged its security and put police on high alert in the city of Ayodhya.

Thousands of police forces are deployed in the region as well as schools have been closed. India hopes that this verdict will end a long-lasting fight between Hindus and Muslims.

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Supporters of Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) believed that Lord Ram was born in Ayodhya, they took on the roads to celebrate their victory over Muslims.

In the 16th century, the first Mughal Emperor, Babur, built a mosque on the top of a temple on a 2.8-acre site.

In the 1980s BJP Hindus started a movement to destroy Babri mosque and build a temple on it.

In 1992, the Hindu mob, consisting of 200,000 people destroyed the Babri mosque completely. Later, one of the people who destroyed the Babri mosque was also converted to Islam.

Muslims groups in India have appealed to remain calm but BJP and RSS supporters are celebrating on the road despite the restriction on the celebration of this verdict.

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A Hindu temple will now be built on Babri Mosque Land after this verdict. India is currently on high alert to fight against any riot that erupts anywhere in the country.

What do you think about this verdict? Do let us know your important opinion on this matter in the comments box below.

Cover Photo: Outlook India

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Mohammad Farseem

So sad and it’s very sad to see that the same indian government is slowly forgetting equality and human rights

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