If You Have Committed These 6 Sins Then Allah Will Not Look At You On The Judgement Day

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Allah will not look at you on the judgment day because of these 6 sins.  Allah is very merciful and kind that no matter how many sins we commit, he forgives us every single time. Seeking forgiveness is the only way we can make ourselves clean.

At Tawab meaning, The Most Forgiving One is one of the 99 names of Allah. And we know that he is very forgiving. But then there are some sins which Allah dislikes the most and can cause Allah not to look at you in the day of Judgement.

1. Breaking a Promise/Oath

breaking oath sin islam

2. The Old Adulterer

3. Disrespecting, Disobeying or Beating Parents

disrespecting parents sin islam

4. Not Giving The Other Person Water

5. Lying or Taking False Oaths

breaking promise sin islam

6. Changing of Quranic Verses

What is the Solution if you have committed any of these sins?

You must be thinking that what one should do if one must have committed any of the sins listed above. The answer is simple, they have to do these three steps to make it go away;

  1. Pray 2 Rakat of Salah to seek Frogiveness (Pray in Tahajjud).
  2. Recite Astaghfirullah 100 times, after completion of your 2 Rakat salah.
  3. Pray to Allah to seek his mercy and forgiveness with a will not to commit the sin you committed in past.
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Must share this article with your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Islam to help them prevent these serious sins.

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