12 Arrested After Plotting to Attack Mosques in Germany

Germany has seen a great amount of rise in the Islamophobic attack in recent years.
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BERLIN: German authorities have charged 12 people plotting to attack mosques in Germany. According to the police, they were well funded and armed to carry out the attacks that could kill many Muslims.

These people were trying to create a civil-war like situation by targeting the Muslim community, says the prosecutor.

Police have said the people who have charged comprised of the gang of 11 who were meeting daily and one of them was the person funding this entire operation by investing $59,000 to help them purchase the weapons.

All the suspects are Germans, police confirmed. The 12th person is still not caught and is still at large, as police search for the suspect in the southeastern city of Sutuugard.

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A member had also died while being in German police’s custody, police didn’t release any information on it further or the reason for his death.

Germany has seen rise in right-wing attacks directed at minorites living in the country.

Members of the National Socialist Underground were also taken into custody back in 2018 for plotting to attack Turks.

In 2019, A right win extremist killed two bystanders in germany while targeting a Synagogue.

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