8 Things That Will Break Your Fast Instantly

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We get a lot of questions that include does swearing, kissing, listening to music, lying, vomiting break your fast? We decided to answer what breaks your fast and what doesn’t. These are the things that will break your fast right away.

1. Intimacy between couples

Intimacy between couples

It is among those first aspects that is not permitted while fasting. For the ones who still follow in it by mistake, are required to request forgiveness from Allah and continue that day to complete it without eating and drinking till the sunset.

2. Hijamah (Cupping)

Pixabay Cupping Health Detoxify

It is a process of getting the blood out through our skin. A person who is observing fast, isn’t permitted to go through Hijamah process.

3. Transfusion of the blood

Transfusion of the blood

If a person is fasting and gets blood transfusion, it will also invalidate his or her fast. The reason is that blood is created from edibles. On the other hand, getting nutrition treatments through drips or needles also impacts our fast as it is similar to that of properly eating or drinking.

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4. Eating and Drinking

eating at restaurant

This supports that we have to avoid everything that goes into our stomach through the mouth. Even it must be avoided through the nose. Yet, if it happens unknowingly, we can repent.

5. Vomiting


According to a hadith Narrated by al-Tirmidhi, 720, classed as Saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Tirmidhi, 577, if you vomit deliberately, it will break your fast.

6. Lying, cursing, blaming, misbehaving and listening to the music

listening to music break your fast

These are the acts that don’t break one’s fast yet, these are considered as the worse acts and are also unliked by Allah (SWT). An Islamic Scholar, Ahmad Mufti once said; “They do not break the fast, but engaging in such behaviors deprives the person of rewards and God’s forgiveness. Fasting is not only about refraining from eating and drinking.”

7. Guidance on eye drops, ear drop and nose drops

eye drops ear drop and nose drops break fast
US Air Forces Central Command

According to Khaleeq Ahmed Mufti; “Water or ear drops entering the ears are most likely to break the fast because they are open ports that can reach the abdomen. Nose sprays can also break the fast if they reach the abdomen, so people should take precautions. As for eye drops, scholars differ on this, so I recommend people avoid it unless they urgently need to take it during fasting hours.”

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8. Hand Practicing

Hand Practicing

Intentionally done ejaculation breaks the fast i.e. ejaculation followed by foreplay. These acts are considered as intentionally made arousal that goes against our fasts. If someone gets indulged in such acts while fasting, they must seek repentance from Allah and fast for a day after the month of Ramadan. On the other hand, expiation is required if a person follows activities with his wife.

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Hania Rizwan

I do not understand what it means by hand practising. Does it mean to make noises from your hand? Or twist your hand into weird positions?

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