Smoking Stops Body From Fighting Skin Cancer Cells

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Skin cancer cells are more likely to attack you if you’re smoking as smoking a cigarette stops your body to fight cancer.

And this practice makes you 40% less likely to survive ten years after cancer diagnosis. People who smoke, have less effective immune system, study compiled.

Researchers at the University of Leeds conducted research on 700 patients, this research is being published in the journal Cancer Research, that people who smoke survives 40% less than the people who do not smoke. Meaning if a non-smoker is living till 60 years of age, then a smoker will be able to live 36 years or 40 years at max.

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People who had been smoking are termed at the verge of dying from melanoma, a type of skin cancer cells.

Every cancer is a deadly one, Melanoma too. If one keeps smoking it, they’re more likely to get caught by this deadly disease, which apparently has no cure to date. It happens because the body stops fighting the cancer cells within your body.

Researchers at the University of Leeds concluded that smoking makes your immune system weaker, and once your immune system is weak, your body will get every sort of bacteria and in retaliation, will stop fighting any deadly thing within your body.

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It is now medically proven that smoking is highly injurious for health for every human being. And can eventually take peoples’ lives if not stopped immediately.

These days we often see mostly youngsters actively smoking on the streets, which is nothing but a deadly habit. All the parents should also aware their children of the dangerous smoking can cause, and take the necessary action to help the people who want to quit smoking.

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Shuaib Sherfudheen

I’ve been smoking since around the 8th grade in 2008 and now it’s been 10+ years. I used to be one of the best athletes and sports player, by the time I reached college I was not gaining weight and my dreams of accomplishing great things was down the cigarette buds. I tried quiting multiple times to an extent that once in 2016 I quit for a good 2 months only, then in 2017 for 3 months then again last year for 2 months. Basically no matter what you do if you don’t have good friends and a good productive… Read more »

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